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Electrical Communications Construction

Electrical design works

We can offer the list of the following electrical networking design works’ services:

Electrical installation works

We offer both for individuals and companies a various range of services including different works of electricity installation, also the services of control systems installation:

Electrical resistance measurement – testing works

We offer measurement – testing and launch – adjustment works:

Electricity maintenance

We offer our services while exploiting different size objects up to 10kV. Our staff have necessary work skills and experience for implementing the electricity maintenance works.

According to the electrical equipment exploitation safety rules, approved by the Minister of Economic Affairs 26-11-2004, Law No. 4-432, each user of electrical equipment shall have an assigned person, responsible for the electricity economy, if the owned electrical equipment’s permissible power is higher than 30kW within a three phase input.

Thus, companies, organizations, institutions, farmers and others, who do not have a qualified responsible employee responsible for the electricity economy, may sign up a contract with our company. The exploitation of the electricity economy – it is a non-economical field, usually causing different problems. Consequently, the companies trying to minimize activity operating costs rely on the certified companies operating in the field of electricity economy. Our company “UAB Deisima“ is granted with a special certificate from the State Energy Inspectorate, which enables us to operate with electrical equipment.

We offer such electrical economy maintenance works:

Installation of smart systems

Other services