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Smart buildings systems

Smart house

Smart house is a smart system, connecting and controlling all the devices within a house. This common control of engineering systems is not only more convenient, but as well, helps to save expenses and is safer. While evaluating the smart house systems, it is relevant to remember that one of its key functions is energy saving. The optimization of costs depends on the functions such as the management of heating and lighting. Such optimization might make the investment to pay off in the period of 8-10 years.

How does it work?

Smart houses are controlled by distinguishing different house functions through small control blocks which unite into one KNX smart house system and operates on the principle of synergy.

Synergy ensures that different functions of the building will be understood by the other element, e.g. when you open a window, the heating at that moment automatically turns off, in order not to waste the thermal energy.

Control areas of the installation system