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Telecommunication networks

Telecommunication networks

Telecommunication is the exchange of information by means of distant communication and through appropriate networks. Recently the impact of the telecommunications has become even greater. The role of phones and radio in human lives was undertaken by internet, which allows you to be a part of a social network anytime.

Local area network (LAN) it is a network of cables inside the house or flat. It provides the access to use the fiber optic internet, digital television, voice telephony and other information technologies. Indoor network is designed depending on individual owner’s needs and the constructions of the space, thus, the easiest way to implement this while preparing the construction project is constructing or reconstructing the building. In case a person did not plan and did not install the indoor network before the building was ready, it might be much more expensive or even sometimes technically impossible to have such network installed.

Wi-Fi connection – this wireless technology enables to realize the data transfer networks by using the broadband radio communication. Wi-Fi technology is used for communication solutions. It connects the local devices into the local computer network by using the access point, i.e. the router, which provides the access to the internet resources.

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